SNEAK PEEK: Rihanna’s sexy new Hard video

SNEAK PEEK: Rihanna’s sexy new Hard video

Rihanna wows again with hot new video for new single Hard

Rihanna always manages to push boundaries, and the sassy star has done it again with the video for her new single, Hard.

The full video will be released today at 4pm but, until then, a sneak preview sees the fashion-forward singer dressed in mind-blowing military garb.

But it’s hardly something you’d see your regular cadet wearing – she’s not wearing pants and, at one point, pulls up her green fatigue shirt to reveal bare breasts covered only by black tape.

This sexy military motif has been the theme of the artwork for her latest album, Rated R.

It’s couture military,’ Rihanna explained to MTV. ‘Everything is surrounded around the idea of something military.

‘We have tanks, we have troops, we've got helicopters, we've got explosions. We've got lots of cute outfits, lots of bullets. It's crazy.’

In another scene, Rihanna is featured wearing a war paint and spiked shoulder pads – it’s the fierce look we’ve come to know and love!


By Ruth Doherty

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