Sky Ferreira On Michael Jackson, MySpace and Modelling

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Sky isn't some cookie cutter popstar...

Sky Ferreira isn't a 'think-piece', but she does make you pause for thought. The musician, model, face of Jimmy Choo fragrance and former InStyle cover girl dishes out details of her time spent with Michael Jackson, MySpace days and her modelling career in an East London studio against a reggae soundtrack, having flown over from her native LA just for the InStyle September 2015 cover shoot.

As far from cookie-cutter popstar as they come, 23-year-old Sky first shot to fame in her mid-teens when she began uploading her music to MySpace. She's since drawn critical praise for her indie-rock music and become a bit of a fashion industry darling along the way too - Hedi Slimane picked her to be his rock 'n roll muse when he set out revamping fashion house Saint Laurent. As for everything else...

Michael Jackson gave her music lessons 

Sky was predominantly raised by her grandmother, who was also Michael Jackson's hairdresser. As a result she spent a lot of time at Jackson's home Neverland as a child. 'It was magical for me' she told us 'Michael was just a guy with a cool house. I was like "oh yeah, he has the rollercoaster!" And I can sing for him because nobody else wants to listen to me! He was one of the only people that treated me like there wasn't something wrong with me. I was so shy and felt like an outsider, and he saw something in me that other people couldn't.'

She found the modelling world tricky

'I feel like such a toad next to some of the [other models], it gives you a complex after a while. And I also feel like I'm the oldest person in the room. I think a lot of models are like "F**k you! I have to go to 20 castings!" and then I walk in like some normie and they're like, "Why are you here?". On one shoot, a model handed me her shoes becasue she thought I was an intern or something... it was actually really funny."

She's pretty loved up

Sky talked to us about her long-term relationship with DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith. 'We've dated a long time, we're very much a unit. I mean, we definitely, like, clash sometimes, but as soon as we met we were pretty much together instantly.'

She doesn't like looking overly groomed

'[People see me as this] grungy street urchin, I guess' Sky joked, 'they think I'm this real paaaarty girl because I normally look really sloppy. Just because I don't always have someone doing my make-up and hair, and picking my outfit every time I leave the house. I guess I just don't care enough to do that.'

Photographs by Jeff Hahn, styling by Arabella Greenhill

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