Why Simone Biles Is Inspiration Personified

Why Simone Biles Is Inspiration Personified

'I'm not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I'm the first Simone Biles.'

Ok, we freely admit that two weeks ago we didn't really know who Simone Biles was.

We didn't know that she was a gymnast. We didn't know that she was an American gymnast. We didn't know that she was already a three-time world all-around champion, and we didn't know that she was about to dominate the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in both the team, and all-round competitions.

Only a few days ago the whole world watched Simone Biles take the floor to end her individual all-round bid for Olympic victory, in which she didn't disappoint. In a little over a minute — in a routine featuring her signature move The Biles, eeps — Simone offically became the world's greatest gymnast, winning another gold medal and becoming everyone's new #LifeGoals role model in one tumbling double-flip moment.

And it was glorious.

The victory was further heightened by the fact that fellow Team USA gymnast Aly Raisman managed to win silver following an equally powerful floor performance - one which saw the three-time gold medallist break down in tears of happiness and pride.

Emotions were running high, but it was clear to see that we were looking at history being made. History in a 4ft 8in, 19-year-old package - complete with glittery eyeliner.

Last night, another gold was taken by the gymnast - this time for individual floor, taking her gold medal count up to four, with one bronze for individual beam.

And while Simone Biles has been shouldering the 'world's greatest gymnast' label for a while now (10 World Championship medals in the last three years will get that rumour started) her electric and gravity-defying skill during the Olympic gymnastics competition has made things 100% official. 

So, just in case you needed any more information about how awesome this athlete is, here are some fun facts about the phenomenon that is Simone Biles....

So, what exactly is The Biles?

Simone Biles lands manoeuvres in her floor routines that no gymnast has ever attempted before.  She's SO good that she's even had a move named after her: The Biles. A double layout with a half twist, and a blind landing. That may sound like sport gibberish, but take a look for yourself. It's amazing.

But wait, she's only 4ft 8in?

She's petite, but Simone Biles packs a punch. At the top of her pass (movement across the aparatus), Simone Biles can clear twice her own height. We'll just let that sink in for a moment. She can fly through the air, at double her own height. Crazy.

We've heard she's a pretty badass role model...

Yes, Simone certainly can hold her own in the old sexism department, and we absolutely love that. Amid all the scandal surrounding male Olympic commentators and media outlets making rather questionable remarks about some of the female athletes (our personal favourite, when medalist Corey Cogdell-Unrein was referred to as the 'wife of a Bears' lineman, yes really), Simone Biles in one sentance managed to shut that s*** down for good. During an interview she stated:

'I'm not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I'm the first Simone Biles.'




She's supposed to be pretty fun on social media...

Simone Biles' Twitter is hands down an absolute joy. Not only does the champion engage with her fans via social media (she 'liked' our very own Josh Newis-Smith's tweet only a few days ago, needless to say, he was ecstatic), but she also gets some pretty amazing big-ups on her feed - plus, some serious Zac Efron action... 




So, what's next?

Simone still has three Olympic events to compete in: vault final on Sunday, the beam final on Monday and the floor final on Tuesday, so be sure to try and catch her, if only for her floor routine alone. And just because she's all kinds of awesome, here's Simone's gold-winning all-round routine in full. Plus, that winning smile...




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