Sienna Miller buzzes in British jewellery!

Sienna Miller buzzes in British jewellery!

Bzzt! Alex Monroe’s deliciously cute Bumblebee necklace is a veritable must-have in the InStyle office. And now gorgeous Sienna Miller has grabbed a piece of the hot jeweller’s action.

During her fashion-fabulous worldwide promotional tour for new sci-fi action flick GI Joe: the Rise of Cobra, with its whirlwind of outfit changes, she’s so far set off her look with the jeweller’s gold-plated buzzy bee necklace, £132; and Clover Cluster necklace, £135; and a couple of gold-plated Fine Twist bangles, £120 each.
But oh dear, is she going to set a trend for jewellery waiting lists? Currently, the Bumblebee necklace is totally sold out in London and now that Sienna’s been seen in it, it’s set to become even more of a gotta-grab. Not to worry – the label’s gold-plated Dragonfly necklace, £108, is equally covetable and celeb-worthy…
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By Paula Rodney

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