29 #ShortGirlProblems Every Petite Person Can Relate To

29 #ShortGirlProblems Every Petite Person Can Relate To

Short girl problems? We’ve had a few…

‘Guys love short girls! You’re so cute! What does the world look like down there?!’ If you're rolling your eyes right now, we feel your pain... Here are 29 short girl problems you'll definitely relate to

1. You just can’t reach things

2. Supermarket shelves, open windows, that higher rail in Topshop…

3. But you get pretty good at finding ledges to climb on

4. Which comes in especially useful when you need attention at the bar

5. People pick you up. It’s annoying.

6. And they think it’s ok to throw you around. You never asked for this life. 

7. Staring into your partner’s eyes is romantic… until you get neck ache

8. People tease you for buying kids clothes and shoes, but they’re WAY cheaper!

9. You get leaned on by strangers. Uncool

10. This is made especially worse by the fact you can’t reach the rails on public transport

11. Being called cute? Not cute

12. Why does everyone also feel the need to exclaim how short you are?!

13. Ditto when your family try and tell you that you’re ‘tall’

14. You’ve grown up constantly being mistaken for the younger sibling against your beanpole sister

15. And you’ll probably get asked for ID until you’re 57

16. Most trends make you look like a child playing dress-up

17. Maxi skirts? Flared jeans? Please.

18. Your wardrobe is made for you (no, literally, you have to take everything up about six inches)

19. Your height always includes that extra half an inch

20. When your friends all say they’re wearing flats but you turn up and they’re in heels…

21. You can’t see at gigs. Or plays. Or in the cinema. Or anywhere

22. And sometimes people can’t see you

23. Umbrella weather is tricky – is yours too low, or is everyone else just too high?

24. Having to pull your seat alllllllllll the way up to the steering wheel in the car

25. Mirrors are great -  if you want to check out the top of your forehead

26. Photos with tall friends? You better start jumping…

27. You can’t touch the floor when you sit on most seats

28. Crowds are actually pretty scary when you can’t see daylight

29. Always being forced to sit in the middle

Well, at least you can wear culottes...

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