Shia LaBeouf’s Rat’s Tail And Other Male Bad Hair Days

Shia LaBeouf’s Rat’s Tail And Other Male Bad Hair Days

We’ve all had bad hair days, and it seems that male celebs with their pick of superstar stylists are not immune. Shia LaBeouf recently stepped out in LA showcasing a rather interesting new hairstyle that we’ve affectionately named ‘the rat’s tail’. Less hairspiration, more hair hall of shame, it’s got us thinking about the hair we’d like to run our fingers through and the styles that would make us run a mile. Here’s our rundown of the top five worst offenders.

The Rat’s Tail - Shia LaBeouf

Part mullet, part dread lock, it’s hard to believe that anyone would choose to add a single matted hair extension to their locks but that’s exactly what Shia has done. Add in the undercut to the mix and you have the recipe for the stuff of hair nightmares. Just no.


The Mini Top Knot - Harry Styles

Is it just us or is Harry channeling the sumo look with this micro-ponytail? We’re all for a man-bun, but this half-up half-down do is taking things to a whole new level of bad taste.



Ombre - Jared Leto

We must admit that Jared’s hair looks like it’s in fabulous condition; his plant-based diet is clearly working wonders in that department. That aside, this obviously ombre look is just a step too close to our own hair for comfort. Our verdict? Ditch the dye.


The Bleach Blonde - Justin Bieber

Back in December Justin took the plunge and bleached his mousy hair platinum. They say blondes have more fun but peroxide is notoriously difficult to pull off and we’re not convinced that any guy short of Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings (if elves are your thing) can enough to do it justice. Sorry Biebs.


Tom Hardy

We’re not entirely sure what’s going on with Tom’s hair here. The wet look is all well and good for us girls but this greasy hair and scraggly beard combo is not doing it for us. A quick hair wash along with a shave would soon see Mr Hardy looking back to his old (swoon-some) self.

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