She's just so Bonnie!

She's just so Bonnie!

Bonnie Wright aka Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is giving Emma Watson a run for her money in the style stakes.

What is it about those Harry Potter films? Its female stars enter Hogwarts as cute little girls and come out as full-blown sirens. It's got to be magic!

Emma Watson did it first, of course, and now it's Bonnie Wright's turn to shine. The 18-year-old flame-haired beauty is captivating Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince audiences worldwide with her transformation from Ron Weasley's bookish little sister Ginny to Harry Potter's gorgeous love interest. Suddenly, her name is on everyone's lips.

And she's got a heart too. On 2 August, the responsible-fashion lover will be at the Pure London exhibition at Olympia, supporting fashion-with-a-mission label Made-By, alongside upcoming young London to Brighton actress Georgia Groome.

We're sure it won't be long before she's wowing the world in gorgeous ethical frocks on the red carpet à la super-stylish Natalie Portman. You go, girl!

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By Paula Rodney


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