The 14 Most WTF Sex And The City Storylines

The 14 Most WTF Sex And The City Storylines

So, word is: everything in SATC actually happened, in real life… Reaaally? We're not buying it

Sex And The City newsflash: Cynthia Nixon (a.k.a – always known as – Miranda) has confirmed that all the storylines which happened across the six series all happened.

Instead of stemming from the creative brains of the writers, the actress told IMDB Asks: ‘Even though crazy and outlandish things happen in Sex And The City, fantastical things seemingly, they had a rule in the writer' room that they couldn't put anything into an episode that hadn't literally happened to someone in the writer's room or someone that they knew first hand.

‘It couldn't be 'My father's brother's sister's shoe-repair guy heard once…' kind of thing - so the physical and sexual things that happened were real tales.’

As all Sex And The City fans will agree – that’s kind of surprising. There are some story lines that SURELY can’t have happened… The post-it break-up, basically everything that happens to Samantha?

Reaaaally, Cynthia? We can’t quite believe it about these ones…

1) The ultimate burn, that Post-It break-up message from Jack Berger. We didn't like him anyway, but surely no-one would be quite that crap?

2) When they fulfil Samantha's DREAM of going to a party at the Playboy Mansion and she gets kicked out by accusing a Bunny of stealing her fake Fendi bag. Awks.

3) When Mr Big and 'The Russian' have a fight over Carrie - in Paree.

4) Miranda meeting Steve on bridge after writing a for and against list about him. Reallyy? And don't get us started on that foam lip. 

5) When Miranda’s housekeeper replaces her vibrator with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

6) Even the fact that Carrie cheated on total swoonmeister Aidan is totally unfeasible, whatever real life happening it was based on.

7) That time Carrie sleeps with an 'agent' (Vince Vaughn) in LA who actually turns out to be a PA.

8) When poor Natasha catches Carrie cheating with Mr Big and, when chasing her out of the apartment building, falls down the stairs.

9) Carrie's total freak out over seeing a squirrel when she goes to the country with Aiden – really? Everyone’s seen a squirrel whether they live in a forest or a city.

10) When Miranda flyers her cheating man friend all over the city. Literally bonkers behaviour.

11) Charlotte meeting her husband because she nearly got run over by his taxi. Oh yeh, swoon.

12) When Big says ‘absofuckinglutely’. Vom. We hope no-one has ever said that in the history of the world.

13) Carrie crashing Natasha’s lunch to apologise for sleeping with her husband. Surely no-one would ever think that was even slightly a good idea? Natasha’s spicy response is perfectly feasible, however.

14) When Samantha Jones slept with Samantha Jones, the 20-year-old student who she keeps getting calls for. Cam aaan.

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