Seven Instagram Accounts You Really Ought To Follow

Seven Instagram Accounts You Really Ought To Follow
Margaret Zhang/Instagram

As Instagram celebrates its 4th birthday, we've whittled down the feeds you REALLY need to follow. Like, now...

Who'd have guessed that Instagram has just turned four? That's four years of selfies, major highs and terrible, terrible lows (the day Rihanna's account was shut down was tough for us all). Oh, and who can forget the four days that Kanye West spent perfecting that wedding pic of himself and Kim Kardashian? Yep, you've given us lots to look at over the years, but thanks to these amazing accounts, we reckon the fun is just getting started.

To celebrate everyones favourite-app's birthday, we've edited down the coolest Instagrams that have been flying under the radar but we really think you ought to know about. From fashions new darling to the celeb who's just joined the craze, here are the accounts worthy of your 'follow'...

1. @Margaret_Zhang

Where do we start with Margaret? She's a stylist, writer, creative director, photographer, the blogger behind the super-successful Shine By Three and a law student living in Sydney, Australia. She loves a food shot, travels a lot and looks great doing it. Yep, life through Margaret's lens is pretty sweet, and you need to be a part of it... 

Margaret Zhang/Instagram

2. @Shrampton

There is no bad day this Insta-feed can't turn around. Meet Shrampton, the Scottishfold tomcat; he's about to change your life. With his wide-eye gaze, abnormally bendy limbs and fold over ears (THOSE EARS), he's on a mission to cheer up even the most weary of followers. Him, and his twin-sister Bunni that is...


3. @YouDidNotEatThat

Possibly one of the most on-point Instagrams we've seen in a long time. YouDidNotEatThat is a feed made-up of regrams - mainly targeting posers of the Insta-world - who they accuse of using food as 'props' in their shots. On a mission to out these scoffing-fraudsters, they've called everyone from bloggers to celebs on their fast-food bluffs. Brilliant... 


4. @KateBosworth

Kate broke her Insta-privacy earlier this month letting us in on her very fashionable life for the first time, and boy are we glad she did! With years of images now at our fingertips, she's clearly been holding back on some quality shots; looking hot while dressed as an Eskimo is no mean feat after all. Yep, this feed is everything we hoped it would be and so much more... 


5. @JaredLeto

He's easily one of the most likable - not to mention hilarious - men in Hollywood right now, and his Instagram account certainly follows suit. Whether Jared's sharing photos of himself copiously hugging trees or trying out, erm, interesting fashion trends, he's doing it in style. Oh, and there's a couple of torso-baring shots on there too; just in case you weren't already sold. 


6. @TheWriting

We all have those pals who post deep and meaningful quotes, inspirational messages and funny sayings and, lets face it, we all secretly wish we'd found them first... Well, now you can; get one step ahead with this feed. Known as @TheWriting, this account posts just that; writing. And very pretty writing at that. 


7. @InStyleUK

Because where else would you get to see behind the scenes shots of the coolest celeb parties, a first look at the shows or what it's really like to work at your favourite fashion mag and website? Get #InsideInStyle like never before with our fast-paced Insta-feed... We guarantee you won't regret it. 


By Maxine Eggenberger

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