You Can Now Pay For Your Morning Starbucks With A Selfie?!

You Can Now Pay For Your Morning Starbucks With A Selfie?!

Forget scrabbling around in your bottomless pit of a purse and pay with your face instead

You’ve got your handbag slipping off your shoulder, you can’t close your dripping umbrella and your Starbucks barista is impatiently waiting for you to fish your debit card out of the bottomless pit that is your purse. Wouldn’t things just be easier if you could pay with you face? Well, now you can! …kind of.

After being able to use contactless, your watch and even your iPhone to splash that cash, Mastercard have unveiled the latest way to pay, and it’s with a selfie. Just download the app, take a selfie and then when it’s time to hand over the cash, simply look at your phone’s camera. You’ll have to blink, just to prove that it’s not some fraudster (or your sister) holding up a picture of your face, but apart from that, it’s super simple.

And no, this isn’t just a ‘down-with-the-kids’ payment idea, either. Mastercard hope that by using your actual face, they’ll cut down on online fraud. After all, not even these talented Instagram make-over artists can copy the exact ‘digitised map’ of your own face – now that’s high-tech.

The trial is coming to the UK very soon, with 14 more countries in the running, after being a huge success in the USA and the Netherlands. You’ll also be able to use your fingerprint in the same way you unlock your iPhone with Touch ID. No longer will you have to remember the 1st, 9th and 15th letter of your mother’s first cat. 

92% of current selfie-payers are LOVING the new system, so we’re pretty sure we will too. Just don’t judge us on our morning-after-the-night-before face… If only we could look as gorgeous as these celebrities in their make-up free selfies

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