Selena Gomez had some great news this week.

Yep, Miss Gomez (or @selenagomez as she's otherwise known) has officially become THE most followed person on Instagram, legging it past BFF Taylor Swift who up until recently held the Insta-crown. We wonder if congrats were exchanged...

Selena's account has amassed a staggering 69.6 million followers, which surpasses Tay Tay's 69.3 million by quite a healthy margin. Kim Kardashian (with her penchant for nude selfies) comes in third with 63.8 million. Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Justin Bieber are all hovering around 60 million, along with plenty of other celebrities that have massively popular Instagram accounts.

And here were we thinking we'd made it big by reaching the 200 mark. Curses.

But what IS it about Selena Gomez that has the entire world hitting 'follow'?

Well. Proof is in the pudding. Here are 13 of our favourite Selena Gomez Instagrams for you to peruse.

Prepare to believe....

1. Cuddles With Paul Rudd

Major, MAJOR envy...


2. Chowing down on MacDonalds

Proof that Selena Gomez loves a Maccy D's as much as we do.


3. The casual Taylor Swift cameos

Selena makes hanging with Tay Tay look like the most normal thing in the world.


4. The absolute fierceness

With a side of self-deprecation.

'Left boob longer than right boob' apparently. Selena, stop it. You're gorgeous.


5. When the DJ drops your jam

Selena knows EXACTLY how to lay it down.


6. The ridiculously cute snaps

Selena knows a lot of VERY cute kids. Check out this little charmer. Adorable.


7. The lift selfies

Yep. Selena is just as bad as we are...except she probably does it better.


8. The words of inspo

Selena rights our daily wrongs with inspirational quotes. Thanks Sel'. All the feels.


9. The natural beauty


We wish we looked this good before bed.

10. She hangs with the fans

Selena likes to keep it real with her tour fans...

11. When She Hung Out With Mark Zuckerberg

What's going on here lads?

12. She does her shopping...

...looking like this.

13. And finally...

This shot is 50 shades of fabulous. All hail Selena Gomez, queen of Instagram!