See The Video Where Rita Ora And Charli XCX Cheated Death

Charli XCX has said a truck she was driving in her new video crashed and nearly killed both her and Rita Ora, who guests on her new single. Both gals escaped unscathed - and here's the finished video to prove it.

Their collaboration is bound to top the charts when it's released on February 9th. But Charli XCX and Rita Ora were involved in a scary car accident when the pink Barbie truck that Charli was driving for the video 'Doing It' crashed in the middle of the desert. She's since said, " There were no air bags. It was this old truck. It was a death trap!

The official video, which was shot in the Los Angeles dessert – think Thelma & Louise meets Natural Born Killers – has been directed by Adam Powell (The 1975) and produced by Nina Dluhy-Miller. Charli commented – “Rita is just someone who I get. She has so much to give as an artist and a person, she knows how to be a real and have a wild time. ‘Doing It’ was something I played to her ages ago and she loved it, so I thought I should definitely get her on it. We shot the video in the middle of the Californian desert - it was amazing. I wanted it to be like this badass Barbie Thelma and Louise esque video, so we robbed a store with toy guns, rode a bucking bronco and nearly crashed a pink pick-up truck through the desert. Angels, I can't wait for you to see this video and finally hear Sucker in full.”

Here's the finished video. See - not a scratch in sight. 

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