SEE PICS: Mod Mad Men

SEE PICS: Mod Mad Men

Mad Men will go mod in season four

In terms of fashion TV, if it’s not Gossip Girl we’re obsessed about, then it’s Mad Men. Whilst we’re usually treated to Betty Draper’s 50s housewives floral silhouettes, Joan Holloway’s sexy office chic and Peggy Olson’s demure if not slightly frumpy cardies then be prepared for season four – they’re all going mod.

On season four of Mad Men, the wardrobes of our favourite retro characters will reflect the influence of the mod fashion movement that defined 1964.

But don’t expect to see Betty in a tight miniskirt or Joan hiding her best assetts. ‘It’s like anybody’s life, you add pieces to your closet but you’re not changing your whole style with every trend,’ says the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant.

While Peggy’s clothes represent her independence and Betty’s new life brings with it a Jackie O-inspired silhouette, Joan proves that she knows how to accentuate her positive assets no matter what changes in the world of fashion.

We cant wait to see the new series, which is back later this year.

By Leanne Bayley

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