SEE PICS: Matt Cardle, Cher Lloyd and Katie Wassiel out and about in London

SEE PICS: Matt Cardle, Cher Lloyd and Katie Wassiel out and about in London

X Factor hopefuls Katie Waissel, Cher Lloyd and Matt Cardle took some time out of their busy schedules to hit the shops

After the weekend's white-knuckle ride to stay in the X Factor game, Katie Wassiel, Cher Lloyd and Matt Cardle took a little time out to do a spot of food shopping.


Katie Waissel
looked happy and relaxed as she emerged from a supermarket laden with bags. The wannabee singer had escaped being in the bottom two at the weekend, having been there previously, four weeks running. She told press: 'It’s wonderful… it was just a massive relief and so exciting. Really I was just so grateful. I really felt accepted.'

It wasn't such great news for Katie's group-mate, Cher Lloyd, who for the first time in the competition found herself in the bottom two against Paije Richardson on Sunday. But showing plenty of determination and grit, Cher was pictured heading to rehearsals with her oversized Paul's Boutique bag. No doubt she's got some big songs up her sleeve for this weekend's performance to ensure she won't be coming last again.

And looking very chilled out as he headed out on his lunch-break, was fellow contestant Matt Cardle who had shed his trademark peaked cap in favour of a snug-looking faux-fur trapper hat. There was no sign of that white vest that had the ladies swooning on Saturday night - sigh!

But with such a shocker of a weekend behind them, no doubt none of the contestants will be feeling safe as there's still everything left to sing for!


By Tara Gardner

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