SEE PICS: Madonna and Lourdes’ Material Girl

SEE PICS: Madonna and Lourdes’ Material Girl
Material Girl

Well, well, well, look what we have here! The first pictures of Madonna and Lourdes’ clothing line have been revealed

Just last week we showed you a sneaky peek at the sketches of the collection, but now we have a glimpse in to what we can expect when Material Girl launches at Macy's in August with the help of the hotly anticipated poster girl.

The label’s website has gone live showing shots of the campaign images with a girls face disguised, asking if we know who the poster girl is. We were hoping Lourdes was going to be the face of the collection, but it appears not, she must be far too busy being the Creative Director!

Not to brag, but we think we’ve figured out who it is! The long legs, the blonde tresses and those lips were an instant giveaway. We won’t ruin the surprise if you don’t already know but we think this rock chick was the perfect choice to represent this 80s-themed collection.

Visit the website now to see more pics and make sure you check out Lourdes’ blog - she may only be 13 but she’s got charisma by the bucket load.

By Leanne Bayley



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