SEE PICS: Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour

SEE PICS: Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour

Singer Katy Perry unveils wild costumes, giant purple teddy bear, Elvis impersonator and sugary-sweet set in her New York concert

With Lady Gaga dominating the pop scene, we’re used to OTT costumes and sets but nothing prepared us for the kooky-cute New York concert of Katy Perry. Featuring a life-size peppermint lollies, a set of mimes, a giant purple teddy, an Elvis impersonator and seven costume changes in one song alone, Mrs Russell Brand held her New York audience captivated from start to finish of her 2-hour concert.


Not only were some of our favourite Perry songs included in the line-up (“I Kissed A Girl” and “Teenage Dream”), but the songstress added a highly-kitsch mix of her own top tunes, including Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” and Rebecca Black’s “Friday”.

And with outfits ranging from a turquoise wig and light bulb-adorned bodysuit to a Mae West-style frock to a multi-coloured boa, this spectacle was truly one not to be missed.

By Maria Milano

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