SEE PICS Katy Perry reveals album cover and secret perfume plans!

SEE PICS Katy Perry reveals album cover and secret perfume plans!
Will Cotton/Katy Perry

The fragrance, which is set to be released in November, will be inspired by Perry’s famed Catwoman costume and aptly named Purr...

According to the singer - who’s a self-proclaimed feline lover - the bottle will be cat-shaped with jeweled eyes and metallic accents. The scent will channel jasmine blossom, green bamboo, vanilla orchid, peach nectar and apple.

And if that doesn’t make you hungry, wait until you see her new album cover! Painted by artist Will Cotton, the cover shows Katy lying on a fluffy cloud of delicious cotton candy. According to Perry, the album cover will feature only the painting and no writing of the album title (Teenage Dreams) or her name. We like it!


As Katy’s popularity continues to soar, she’s following the likes of Jennifer Aniston who’s recently launched her debut fragrance in Harrods, along with Beyonce and Gwen Stefani, who have each launched their own perfumes.

Speaking to WWD, Perry said: ‘I saw a lot of my peers getting into this world, and, as with my music, I thought I could bring my touch to the category and make it competitive.’

She added: ‘It just seemed logical [to launch a perfume]. The hardest part was keeping it under wraps for a year during the development process. I kept wanting to tell someone!’


She says she decided to name it Purr because it sounds lyrical and reminds her of cats, plus the words perfume, perfect and Perry.

‘I really wanted to develop a scent that was completely unlike anything I'd smelled before and not one that smelled like a knockoff of another scent,’ Perry said. ‘I'd never want to do anything just because.’

We can’t wait to smell Purr for ourselves, while having a listen to Katy’s fab new album Teenage Dreams, set to drop in August 30.

By Lydia Parafianowicz

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