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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham/Twit Pics

Victoria Beckham enjoyed a baby shower with a difference as pals Eva Longoria and Ken Paves treated her to something a little bit special...


The glamorous mum-to-be tweeted to followers before the event: "I have been told to wear something waterproof for my baby shower!!!!I'm now very nervous!!!!x vb"

Always fashion-focused, she added: " waterproof chic?????or stylish is any way????x vb"

Leaving fans on Twitter on tenterhooks as to what was planned for her baby shower, Victoria later posted a hilarious pic of her, Eva, Ken and other friends - as loo-roll mummies!

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Clearly having a fabulous time messing around with her friends, Vic later tweeted: "Such a lovely day!!!thank u so much @EvaLongoria and @KenPaves for being such wonderful friends.Baby showers are so much fun!!!!!!!x vb"