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David Beckham and Justin Bieber?

Victoria Beckham/Twit Pics

A little bit late for April Fool's Day, Victoria Beckham posted a pic of Justin Bieber sharing a sunbed with hubby David...


Tweeting to fans: "OMG!!!!a visitor just arrived!!!!Guess who????!!!!! X vb"

She followed up her tweet with: "He took my sunbed!!!!!!x" and a twit pic - revealing Justin Bieber sharing a sunbed with David.

But it turned out the Biebs hadn't hit up the Beckham household for a cuppa, it was in fact a cardboard cut-out of the pint-sized popstar, while the real JB was on tour in Europe.

Last week David went on a US talk show and revealed his son Romeo's desire to name the new baby Justine Bieber Beckham. He added: "The funny thing is, I was on the way to school drop off the other day and my youngest said, "Do you think we could have a play date with Justin Bieber?" I think he's a little bit busy."

Clearly not to busy to hang out with Dave and catch some rays...


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By Tara Gardner