SEE: Next season's Gossip Girl stars

SEE: Next season's Gossip Girl stars

Take a sneak peek at the latest Upper East Side recruits set to cause a stir on the next season of Gossip Girl

If you're anything like us, then the day the last episode of Gossip Girl season three aired was a very sad one, and although the next season won't be hitting our screens for a while yet, we're excited to get a glimpse at who'll be ruffling Blair's (no doubt) designer feathers in the upcoming episodes.

Katie Cassidy who, incidentally, is also starring alongside Leighton Meester in new film Monte Carlo, will play one of Blair's fellow Columbia students, and a potential love interest for Nate. We're guessing it's not the warmest of encounters between her and Manhattan's resident schemestress!

FormerHarry Potter star Clemence Posey, meanwhile, will give the Manhattan girls a run for their money in a bout of Paris set-scenes. Ooh la la! We can just see the fabulous fashion opportunities!

Right, we're out to stock up on Blair-esque headbands and scarves. Roll on series four!

By Hayley Spencer

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