SEE: Lady GaGa's Monster Ball tour costume drama

SEE: Lady GaGa's Monster Ball tour costume drama

Lady GaGa has been wowing with yet more out-there ensembles on her ongoing Monster Ball Tour

She's an undeniable wardrobe maverick in real life, and Lady GaGa's Monster Ball Tour has been a veritable costume feast. Her un-ending array of wow-worthy ensembles never ceases to strike awe in her audiences, and her Madison Square Garden concert on Friday saw her put on her most impressive costume show yet.


With each outfit catered to the performance of a different track, they're as flamboyant as her lyrics, and are definitely made for dancing, as there's certainly no way she could sit down in them!

GaGa hit the New York stage in everything from LED headgear to sea-green PVC. And surely her most other-wordly outfit so far was an armour suit covered with bleach-blonde hair and worn with a matching hula skirt.

We just wonder how many extra tour buses it takes to house her on-stage wardrobe!

By Hayley Spencer

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