SEE Lady GaGa and Madonna’s on-screen catfight

SEE Lady GaGa and Madonna’s on-screen catfight

Lady GaGa and Madonna pull each other’s hair out in on-stage catfight

Lady GaGa and Madonna wrestled, pushed and pulled each other’s hair out in a hilarious on-screen catfight.

But don’t worry, the pair kissed and made-up after they went a few rounds in a spoof fight for the Saturday Night Live show.

Both women sported blonde locks, over-the-knee boots and sexy black bustier tops.


Lady GaGa began performing a song on a mock music show called Deep Dish and, when Madonna joined in the dance routine, all hell broke loose.

The ‘shocked’ host Kenan Thompson made sure everyone kissed and made up afterwards.

Lady GaGa and Madonna are mutual fans of each other, and GaGa has compared herself to the Queen of Pop before.

‘We’re both Italian-American women, we both started out in the New York underground scene - and we both became famous when we dyed our hair blonde.

‘I think what Madonna and I share is that we’re both fearless, we both have a lot of nerve.’

Madonna proved she was a GaGa fan when she was spotted enjoying her show in New York with daughter Lourdes.

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