SEE: Heartbreaker behind the scenes video

SEE: Heartbreaker behind the scenes video

Find out how Johnny Depp's squeeze and Chanel model Vanessa Paradis recreated the Dirty Dancing finale for her smash-hit rom-com Heartbreaker

Vanessa Paradis’s outfits, the hair, the make-up (we're guessing her red is Chanel's Rouge Coco in Gabrielle), the sun-drenched locations, the swoonsome Romain Duris (so our new man crush)… check out our behind-the-scenes video of Heartbreaker.

It was hard to pick a favourite be-still-our-hearts moment from this cutely quirky romance: Vanessa’s Wham! singalong… Romain’s spot-on Patrick Swayze imitation… the fashion – OMG, the fashion…


Move over, Sex and the City – Carrie and the girls have some serious competition from Vanessa’s Birkin-touting character Juliette.

But the best bit? The recreation of The Dance (yes, it deserves capitals) from Dirty Dancing. And our exclusive video shows just how they did it as Vanessa and Romain explain that they’ve had the time of their lives…

By Harriet Reuter Hapgood


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