Claudia Schiffer on Chanel shoot

Claudia Schiffer on Chanel shoot


Claudia Schiffer was spotted looking nothing short of fabulous on a photo shoot on location in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She was of course working with the one and only Karl Lagerfeld for a brand new Chanel campaign.

The new project comes just a few weeks after Claudia announced her retirement from the catwalk.

She said: ‘I'm finished with the runway. I am still modelling and I enjoy that a lot - but no more runways.'

She did, however, promise to keep up her work in fashion, and as we can see, she is a woman of her word.

She manages to wow us with her attention-grabbing outfit, especially the black hat.

But her headwear doesn't upstage her, thanks to her blunt fringe and flawless make up, combined with the simply stunning top-to-toe Chanel ensemble.

We're also loving the cute ballerina-esque lace-ups.

We're glad Claudia hasn't completely given up her career in fashion.

And we bet Karl Lagerfield's pretty pleased, too!

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By Maria Pierides