SEE Angelina Jolie's AMAZING post-baby body!

SEE Angelina Jolie's AMAZING post-baby body!

Angelina shows off killer bod in new movie

Angelina Jolie may have had three children, most recently twins, but she proves in her latest movie that she’s still got a body to die for.

The actress strips down to her lingerie in a scene for her new film, Salt, and shows off her ultra-toned tum.

Jolie shot the movie just six months after giving birth to little Knox and Vivienne, and doesn’t she look fab?

The new film stars Jolie as a CIA agent, Evelyn Salt, who is forced to go on the run after she is accused of being a Russian sleeper spy.

Jolie spent weeks shooting for the flick in New York earlier this year, and also donned blonde and black wigs for the movie.

In the new trailer for the forthcoming film, which was released online this week, Jolie's character is briefly seen in her underwear.

When asked how she lost her post-baby bump, Angelina said breastfeeding and looking after her six-strong brood helped shift the weight.

Whatever it was – it worked! (Cancelling the order for pumps as we speak...)

By Ruth Doherty

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