Fifty Shades Of Grey movie casting

With the sizzling novel Fifty Shades Of Grey dominating many a water-cooler moment across the globe, it's no surprise that the planned movie adaptation has got the whole world talking.


And who better to add fuel to the debate than American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis who has suggested Scarlett Johansson for female protagonist Ana Steele. He also added that he would be interested in putting himself forward to write the screenplay.

Other suggestions for the role of Christian Grey - the manipulative billionaire who opens Ana's eyes to the worked of BDSM - included Alex Pettyfer or Brit actor Aaron Johnson, but Ellis concluded via Twitter: "In a perfect world it would be Ryan Gosling... David Cronenberg directing. Bret Easton Ellis writing. Ryan Gosling acting. Fifty Shades of Grey team."

But with widespread interest from many parties and the novel's author E.L James needing final approval on any casting, it could be quite a while before anything is confirmed.

We'll keep you posted!

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