'A Bottle Of Champagne And Mistletoe Is All You Need' - Scarlett Johansson's Perfect Christmas Party

'A Bottle Of Champagne And Mistletoe Is All You Need' -  Scarlett Johansson's Perfect Christmas Party

What happens when you've got one set of festive questions and two Hollywood actors ( Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey) who you secretly wish were a real life couple? The most delightful celeb Christmas scene since Robbie and Nicole, completely different answers and a whole lot of Hollywood FOMO...

What do you want to see under the Christmas tree this year?

Scarlett: I much prefer to give presents than to receive them, especially gifts that are unique editions and can be treasured forever.

Matthew: Continued health for me and the whole family.  There are no other things that I want.

Tell us your favourite thing about Christmas…

SJ: My favorite thing about the holidays is getting to see my family all in one place. I travel so frequently for work, it's one of the only times we all have to get together. My favorite city to be in for the holidays is New York.

MM: What I like about Christmas the most is getting together with family and the night before. Hanging up the stockings, setting out the milk and cookies. Wondering how the heck Santa can get down that chimney, pretending he can do it and then answering questions like, 'But how does he do everybody’s house?'  It’s magic.  He’s a magic guy. He covers the world all over.

Last year, I told my kids when he moves from the east to the west, it’s later over there so he’s moving that way so he can get to everyone. So it’s about that time, about the meridians.  Explaining that was fun. I like staying up really late and coming out the next morning and the kids are like, 'How did he do that?'

It sounds a bit weird but our favourite thing about Christmas is the smell of mulled wine…

SJ: The smell of rice pudding always reminds me of the holidays. My father makes a traditional Danish pudding with a cherry sauce that is totally decadent and delicious.

MM: Every year we go and cut down a fresh Christmas tree, which we’ve taken the kids to do the last few years, do we have a real tree in the house for the whole month. Every time we come in, the smell reminds you that Christmas is coming. 

What about perfume? It's sort of a go-to Christmas present...

SJ: I always find it really difficult to buy a fragrance for someone as a smell is so particular for each person. I think Dolce & Gabbana's The One for Men takes the guesswork out of it because it's unique enough for a man with specific tastes but it also appeals to most because it's so wearable, and I love The One for myself.

MM: I totally agree! I always wear The One For Men over Christmas. It’s a very unique masculine scent that stands out but isn’t overpowering.

How about Christmas parties?

SJ: I like to go to other people's holiday parties because when I host them, all I do is clean the whole time! I usually bring a bottle of champagne and mistletoe.

MM: For New Years Eve, my wife’s tradition, in her country, is to wear all white and go to the ocean and get little white flowers and put them in the sea. We’ve done it the last few years.

For us, Christmas is all about the food…

MM: Oh, yeah absolutely! I let myself off. And I say to myself - you’re going to put on ten.  Let’s do it! It needs to be done. My mom’s boyfriend makes a great lasagne, and then we usually have a big ham and a turkey. What’s actually kind of my favourite isn't the sit-down Christmas lunch, but the late-night leftover ham sandwich.

SJ: Over the holidays I like to watch old movies (my favourite is Home Alone 2), read and bake. I make sure I hit the gym a lot before the holidays. Then I don't feel guilty about over indulging at parties!

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