Sarah Jessica Parker Wears High Street To The Met Gala – And The Most Talked About Headpiece

Sarah Jessica Parker Wears High Street To The Met Gala – And The Most Talked About Headpiece

Sarah Jessica Parker inspired many a meme for her Philip Treacy headpiece, but it's the dress we're really interested in...

Sarah Jessica Parker had barely set one flashbulb popping at the Met Gala last night before the actress's headdress was a trending topic on Twitter.

Much like Rihanna's OTT yellow satin look, SJP's Philip Treacy headpiece sparked many a meme on social media, with Tweeters comparing her to everyone from the baddie from Power Rangers to villain Aku in Samurai Jack.


Our verdict? We think she makes a great sassy dragon, and totally on theme for the China: Through The Looking Glass dress code.

But let's look past the headpiece for the moment and to the dress, because that's worth talking about as well.

While SJP might have called upon the designer talents of Philip Treacy for her headwear, she looked to the humble high street for the dress. That's right, SJP knows how to mix high and low fashion like the best of them.

So who's responsible for the black satin number? None other than everyone's favourite swedish retailer, H&M. However, this isn't a dress you can by off the hanger sadly. Working in collaboration with the brand, Sarah Jessica had a hand in designing the one-shoulder frock, which features poppies stitched on the back and an embroidered panel that runs from top to bottom.

And SJP wasn't the only one to step out in H&M last night. Vanessa Hudgens' strapless black and red dress was also another couture number by the high street retailer. And this is one that Vanessa really thinks the store should sell. 'Well, I would buy it!' the actress said on the red carpet when asked if she thought H&M should stock it.


So, if you're listening H&M, we reckon this dress would fly off the hangers…

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