Sarah Jessica Parker, This Is Your Life In Shoes. And Very Pretty Shoes At That...

Sarah Jessica Parker, This Is Your Life In Shoes. And Very Pretty Shoes At That...

Happy 50th birthday, Sarah Jessica Parker! To celebrate, we've looked back at all of her stand-out shoe moments throughout her lifetime and boy has there been LOTS

If there's one celebrity who knows her shoes, it's actress Sarah Jessica Parker. From the years spent walking in Carrie Bradshaw's Manolo Blahnik's in the Sex and the City series (and subsequent film franchise) to her very own cult-status SJP Collection shoe range, she's become an A-lister who's practically defined by her stellar heel choices.

So, it only seemed right to celebrate her 50th birthday  — yes, REALLY — by looking back at her most swoon-worthy shoe moments from throughout her life. Totally logical, no?

There were a few stand-out moments that sprung to mind from the off — who can forget those blue Manolo's that SJP rocked as wedding shoes in the first SATC movie? — but once we started digging that bit deeper, we realised that those satin, brooch adorned courts just scratch the surface of Sarah's shoe obsession...

Here is her well-documented love-in with the high heel in pictures, GIF's and videos. Enjoy!

That time when she took an unfortunate tumble
Proof that it really does happen to the best of us. 

Giving cobbles a what-for
Learning from her catwalk fail, Sarah employed the technique of when tackling cobbles in heels, one always requireS a bunch of balloons to keep one upright... 

Puddle dodging like a pro 
Because wet feet equals sad feet...

Working bright heels like it's no big deal
Her hair may be dark, but her shoes are bright as day.

When she made glads glam
Who remembers ordering the knock-offs from As Seen On Screen? Just us...?

When she chose THOSE shoes over a puffy wedding dress... 
Ok, so it was entirely fictional but don't tell us you wouldn't do the exact same thing.

When her dress caused her shoes some trouble...
Damn those long hemlines!

Just, you know, casually starting a new major trend
An all-black outfit with ultra-bright heels? MIND BLOWN. 

Making gem-encrusted Louboutins a wardrobe staple
'They'll go with EVERYTHING I own' — something we keep telling ourselves to this very day...

Tackling stairs in heels that high
Take that, gravity!

When she taught us never to fear thigh-high boots
Actually, everything about this look is groundbreaking. Mohawk and all. 

That time when SJP *finally* saw the light and decided to design her own shoe collection
And looked MEGA doing it. 

When she wore those boots with that dress...
Who'd have thought we'd be pining over a pair of kinky boots? That's the SJP effect for you. 

Happy 50th birthday, Sarah Jessica Parker! 




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