Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals Carrie Will NEVER Wear Her Shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals Carrie Will NEVER Wear Her Shoes

SJP has made it loud and clear that, should there be a Sex and the City 3, her own line of shoes will NOT be making a guest appearance. Boo!

Sarah Jessica Parker might have a gorgeous show range of her very own, but she certainly doesn’t anyone doing her any favours promoting it.

Any fashion-loving gal with even the slightest interest in Twitter will remember the hoards of VERY alluding tweet-exchanges between SJP and her fellow Sex and the City cast-mates regarding the possibility of a SATC 3.

‘Have you heard the news?’ Sarah said in response to a tweet from Kristin Davis — aka Charlotte York — which went on to practically bring the social media platform to its knees with retweets and favourites.

However, in an interview with US website, Fashionista, the 49-year-old style maven and actress was quick to weigh in about the rumours, clearing her name as the apparent kick-starter of them. She actually went as far as dropping the blame on one of her co-stars. How cheeky…

‘If you follow the thread backwards, it wasn't me, it was J. Hud [Jennifer Hudson]! She's the one who said [there might be a movie]. I was like, “I have no idea!” So I think that she is the one who is the repository for all information in regards to Sex and the City 3.’

Can we just point out, she NEVER said the rumours WEREN’T true, did she?! We’re so on to you, SJP…

Now, even if our prayers were answered and a Sex and the City 3 film was made, it looks like the fruits of Sarah’s last year of labour won’t be making an appearance.

I dreamed this. X, Sj @sjpcollection

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Yep: we’re talking about her GORGEOUS shoe range, which she has poured her heart and soul into creating and promoting over the past twelve months.

Speaking about the [hypothetical] appearance of her shoes in the [hypothetical] SATC3 movie, Sarah said:

"'They can't [put my shoes in the movie], Because I don't exist in Carrie Bradshaw's world. There is no Sarah Jessica Parker in Carrie Bradshaw's world. It's an alternate universe. I think that would be so unethical and so outrageously bizarre, I can't even imagine.'

Oh, SJP: just give the people what they want! (That’s your hot heels and a Carrie B-reprieve, FYI…)

By Maxine Eggenberger 

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