WATCH: Salma Hayek Talks Body Confidence And How To Be A Queen In Everyday Life

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Salma Hayek, actress, mother and fashion matriarch meets our resident vlogger, Joshington Hosts to talk about THAT body, life tips and dinner parties.

Starring as a queen in the newly released film, Tale of Tales means Salma Hayek is well placed to give lessons in queenship, even to team queen Josh Newis-Smith. But that isn’t all the Oscar nominated actress has in store for you, she’s a pretty insane cook too. ‘Well I am insane and I do cook,’ to quote the lady herself. Prepare yourself for the above video; this lady is basically the Mexican Oprah! Preach Salma, preach!
JOSHINGTON HOSTS: You look utterly sensational but you have said before how you have come to terms with your body image as you have grown older. How do you think your approach to body confidence has changed?
SALMA HAYEK: That made me insecure too… especially when it’s new it’s like (shrugs shoulders). Well I am entering my fifties so your body confidence isn’t that good. I think it depends on the day, for everybody, there’s some days you say, 'this is it,' and you love it. Then there are days when you go, 'this can not be it! Is this really it?' So I think it’s up and down all the time!
JOSHINGTON HOSTS: Now obviously you play a queen in the film, who was your queenspiration when you tackled this role?

JOSHINGTON HOSTS: What would your tips be, as I am a queen myself, for becoming a queen in everyday life?
SALMA HAYEK: You have to get up and become your own work of art; from the moment you put yourself together. Not that I do it! I am quite lazy in the queen department. But celebrate who you are and celebrate life and know that this is your experience.
JOSHINGTON HOSTS: If I were coming round your house for dinner, which is obviously the dream, what would be on the menu?
SALMA HAYEK: You know what I like to do? I go to the market, look at the stuff and come up with a concoction in my head and then put it together. So there’s a chance there will be something extraordinary but there’s a small chance it will be a disaster. The sad part is if I try to repeat it I can’t, so at least I can guarantee that it will be a once in a lifetime experience!
JOSHINGTON HOSTS: We need to talk about THE scene in Tale of Tales, where you eat the heart? What on earth was it made out of?
SALMA HAYEK: It was terrifying, I remember biting into it and feeling like a worm in my life. I asked, 'What is this,' and they finally told me its spaghetti. You know who saved me? It was my daughter? She was six at the time, watching the monitor and she saw that I was gagging and we were going over and over. So she said ‘Mum I am looking at the shot, at this part you can’t see your mouth so you can take it from here and spit it out at the back!'
JOSHINGTON HOSTS: Oh my god so she (Salma’s daughter) could be a director in the making?
SALMA HAYEK: Try living with her, she tries to direct me everyday!
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