Ryan Reynolds Shares The First Picture Of Baby James

Ryan Reynolds Shares The First Picture Of Baby James

Ryan Reynolds' Instagram is really delivering right now...

When Ryan Reyonlds joined Instagram earlier this week, we hoped that it might mean we would finally get to see a picture of his and Blake Lively's new baby daughter, James.

However, since even getting the right baby name out of Blake and Ryan proved harder than securing a front row seat at Chanel, we weren't counting our chickens.

But look what he's gone and done! Ryan's only gone and shared the first ever picture of four month old James. And while we don't get to see if it's her dad she takes after or her mum, we do get to see the father and daughter engaged in a spot of thumb wrestling, as Ryan puts it. Which is just as good, right?


Thumb wrestling isn't always fair. Curiously, my hand is the small one.

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And that isn't the only glimpse into domesticity that Ryan's Instagram has offered us. The actor also shared a snap of the family dogs locked in, a, er, interesting position with one another, and asked his followers for suggestions for a 'safe word' his pet pooches could use. And at the same time insinuated that he and Blake use the word 'Codswallop.' Too much information, Ryan. But that's the problem with social media – it's hard to know what's appropriate and what's not. You start off posting a funny picture of your two dogs and a cute picture of your baby, and the next thing you know you're telling the world what your safe word is with your wife



But you know what? We're not going to discourage Ryan's Instagram output, even if it is a bit TMI heavy. He's clearly getting into the whole Instagram malarkey, and if that means we get to see more pictures of him, Blake and baby James, then that's fine by us.

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