Ryan Reynolds Joins Instagram... And Here's What We're Hoping To See

Ryan Reynolds Joins Instagram... And Here's What We're Hoping To See

Blake Lively's other half has finally succumbed and joined social media. The questions is, will we get a photo of baby James?

Ryan Reynolds is a tad late to the social media party, but he has now finally joined both Facebook and Instagram. Better late than never we say.

So far the actor has posted just one image, a picture of his Deadpool character in action, but already he has amassed a following of over 107k people.

And if any of those people are like us, then they're going to be wanting to see a whole lot more than movie posters.


Stuck the landing. With my mouth.

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Sure, he's one of Hollywood's hottest actors, but it's actually his home life we're more interested than seeing than him with his shirt off.  As the husband of one of our biggest style crushes, Blake Lively (as if you need reminding), we're pretty keen to see some of the candid shots from their home life. And we're also hoping that Ryan might have joined Instagram so that he can finally share a snap of their baby daughter, James. It's unlikely, but you never know.

So apart from that elusive baby snap, here's what we're hoping Ryan's going to bring to the Instagram party...

Proof of the Blakery. Apparently that's what Ryan calls Blake, such a fan is she of making cakes and the like (because she's perfect like that). And we're intrigued to see the kind of things she's knocking up in that kitchen of hers.

A little bit of flirting. When Lionsgate Movies tweeted that 'True love never looked so good' about a picture of Blake and her Age of Adaline co-star Michiel Huisman (i.e. someone that was most definitely not her husband), Ryan responded by tweeting back 'Uh… I can hear you.' But Blake's not the only one to cause a case of the green-eyed monster by snuggling up to her co-star. Blake re-posted a picture of Ryan and Helen Mirren looking cosy with the message 'Should I be concerned that my husbands never looked at me this way.' It's basic playground flirting tactics. And it's kind of sickening, but we can't help but want more of it.

What Ryan looks like as a dad. Blake has said that having a baby means you 'never know when you're going to get crapped on', and has also said Ryan is 'pathetic' at parenting (in jest of course). Now, while we love the Lively-Reynolds' picture perfect life, we're also intrigued to see the other version that Blake's hinted at…

Blake getting ready. Not in a pervy, hidden camera kinda way. That would be weird. More here's-how-many-outfits Blake just tried on. Because we know for a fact that Blake is pretty indecisive when it comes to what to wear.

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