Russell Brand and Helen Mirren film Arthur

Russell Brand and Helen Mirren film Arthur

The unlikely pair star together in a re-make of the 1981 original and have begun filming in New York

Funnyman Russell Brand and Dame Helen Mirren have begun filming their second co-venture of the year, after starring alongside one another in The Tempest.

The romcom sees the twosome star as rich playboy Arthur Bach and his valet-cum-fairy godmother respectively.

While we're sure Russell is more than comfortable with his role, he has had to undergo a hair makeover for the occassion, shedding his signature beard in favour of some faux facial hair, which has been matched with a suit and the unlikely addtions of a baseball cap and yellow wayfarers.

The film also stars Jennifer Garner as Russell's trophy wife-to-be, while newcomer Greta Gerwig plays another potential love interest.

Seeing as Russell's disguise is a little dubious we're hoping the leading ladies will be our fashion saviours in the film.


By Hayley Spencer

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