10 Reasons Why Ruby Rose OWNS Instagram

10 Reasons Why Ruby Rose OWNS Instagram

So this love affair with Ruby Rose has been happening for a while now, but (we're sorry) have you SEEN her Instagram? Be prepared to fall head over heels for Ruby Rose all over again...

Ruby Rose is the one gal the world just can't get enough of.

Actress, activist, DJ, model, and out-and-out gorgeous person, Ruby Rose has had us all majorly swooning for some time. From helping out at local community centres to hanging with *unexpected* BFF Vin Diesel, Ruby Rose's Instagram is jam-packed full of noteworthy snaps that just prove her awesomeness time and time again.

Here are some of our faves. Prepare to hit 'follow'...

1. #GymGoals

Ruby Rose's banging bod comes from hard work, and she isn't frightened to post pics of her working those muscles the flip out. Gym bunny? Not on your nelly.

2. Onesie love

Who doesn't love an animal onesie party? Ruby Rose is evidently a fan. Thank god.

3. Ed Sheeran

Turns out Ruby Rose is pals with ginger croonster Ed Sheeran. He did ask her if she wanted to play 'hide the banana' whilst co-hosting the 2015 MTV EMA's though. If that doesn't say BFF what does? The cheeky monkey.

4. Family

Ruby Rose's shout out to her 85-year-old 'beautiful great aunt' is just too darn cute for words.

5. Ellen Page

These two being the best of buds makes team InStyle all happy and warm inside. Ruby's caption?

'When your best friend is the most talented, funny, beautiful, generous, humble human being it's hard not to smile until it hurts. Ellen, I am so proud of you and will always be grateful for everything you are and will always be to me.'

You guys.

6. Drop it like it's hot

Ruby Rose has some crazy DJ skills. We bet she knows EXACTLY when to drop a bit of Craig David...

7. Vin Diesel

Okay, if THIS unexpected BFF pairing doesn't get you, nothing will. Ruby Rose literally adores her xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage co-star and has taken to social media several times to big up the Diesel.

'I never dreamed I'd step into a role from a movie I grew up watching, with a guy I idolized...'


8. Community spirit

Instead of celebrating her 30th birthday with champagne and A-lister parties, Ruby Rose spent her special day volunteering at her local Toronto 519 community centre - a project that serves the city's LGBT community. 

'Really made my birthday to be part of something that means so much to me, Community. Here's to never forgetting where you came from.'

9. Pets

Ruby Rose LOVES her pets and no, *hands up* pictures of RR with cute puppies and cats just never get old.

10. Hair

Green hair aside, Ruby Rose knows how to rock a new 'do. We're especially loving this twirled sticky-out number.

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