Rosie Lowe On Misogyny And Learning To Shout That Bit Louder

Rosie Lowe On Misogyny And Learning To Shout That Bit Louder

Her sound has been compared to Drake and Prince but singer/songwriter Rosie Lowe is very much her own woman. Here, she works the coolest looks from the season’s new collections...

That Rosie Lowe made it to our shoot is a small miracle. 'My car broke down the night before [from her Dad’s in Devon, where she grew up.] I got my boyfriend to jump-start it, drove off yet there was an electrical problem every time I used my indicator. I had to wait for the AA for two hours, finally got home at 2am and then was up again two hours later for a 5am train journey.'  That she was lagging wasn’t apparent to the team as she arrived bare faced [hers is the kind of bone structure that doesn’t need make-up] and dressed simply in jeans and a plain white T-shirt. Her lack of sleep didn’t dim her enthusiasm, either. We quickly discovered she was a shoe obsessive and wanted to try on everything even the looks we didn’t shoot. When the camera was on her, she gamely bended her body into non-too-easy poses before heading back to her converted warehouse in Deptford. With fans that include pop giants Elton John and Adele, get used to this face.

You’re from Devon. When are you happiest, in the country or the city?

I probably feel most peaceful when I’m in Devon. But I feel most excited when I’m in London. We grew up in the middle of nowhere, in a valley just south of Exeter. It’s about a 45-minute walk to a neighbor’s or shop. It’s so peaceful down there. So it’s hard to compare them. I mean, my Dad’s house doesn’t even have heating.

Dior, Sweater, £720, and skirt, £910 (; socks, £4.99, Trasparenze (

Were the clothes on the InStyle shoot the kind of thing you’d normally wear?

I usually go for more simple looks. My wardrobe is very black and white. I love strong shapes, good cuts and quality material. I like stuff that I could wear in 20 years time. Saying that, I loved the amazing Gucci pink dress with all the feathers. It was bonkers. I’d like to wear it to a wedding – my own wedding, in fact!

Michael Kors Collection, sweater, £651, and jeans, £1,666, briefs (02076593550), £9 (

You’ve have had many musical comparisons, from an X-rated Sade and even to Drake.

I think comparisons are necessary to get people’s ears ready for what they’re about to listen to. But I’m always very interested in who I get likened to, such as Little Dragon, Drake and even Prince. I’ll take each one!

Gucci, Dress, £11,090, and hat, £270 (

You studied music at Goldsmiths. Has anyone else on your course gone on to do great things?

James Blake, Tom Odell and Le Shark were in a different year to me. There’s so much talent to come out of Goldsmiths.

You’ve got two pretty amazing fans in Elton John and Adele. Have you met either of them?

Not yet, although I spoke to Elton last week. He was just checking in and saying ‘hi’. He’s been shouting me out a lot, saying nice things about me. He’s amazing and very supportive. I feel vey touched.

Chanel, Sweater, from a selection, hat, £2,260, and scarf, £1,370 (02074935040); socks, £16,50, Item 6 (

Your boyfriend Jacob works in the film industry. Does he have any input to your videos?

He’s a director and did the video for Water Came Down. Then, when I was writing my album, he filmed me for a year-and-a-half for a mini documentary, which we released at the same time as the album so people could get to know me. It’s called Behind Control and you can see it on YouTube. It was really special to do that with him because he knows me so well and it was a very personal experience. We’ve been together three-and-a-half years and he’s a really good egg.

Coach, Dress, £625, and shoes, £375 (; socks, £16,50, Item 6 (

Who do you admire in the industry today?

Erykah Badu, I love that woman. She’s amazing, she never compromises and she’s always honest. Sometimes when I think it’s too hard and I want to give it all up  - when I have to shout that bit harder because I’m a woman - I go back to her and she makes me want to carry on.

Versace, Sweater, £1,343, skirt, £422, and boots, £930 (02072595700)

Do you still think the music industry is misogynistic?

I think it’s getting a lot better but it’s still very male dominated. Most industries are very misogynistic because there’s been years and years of deep-rooted patriarchy. But it’s getting much better and I feel very able to express myself as a woman, which is a great sign. I don’t feel oppressed in anyway.

Fendi, gaiters, £1,200, and shoes, £650 (

You’re very vocal about going to therapy.

I’m a big advocate and have been going regularly for four or five years. It’s helped me in a huge way to get to know myself in a deeper way and notice certain traits and why I respond in a particular way. It’s been life changing. I think that everyone should give it a go.

Emporio Armani, Playsuit, £810 (

Has therapy influenced your songwriting?

Music is another therapy for me. Therapy might have changed the way that I understand why I’m feeling certain things but I wouldn’t say my process towards making music has changed much. It’s always helped me through situations and feelings.

Coat, about £4,294, trousers, about £937, and sandals, about £1,236 (02074918200) 

The September issue of InStyle, featuring this Rosie Lowe interview and so much more, hits newsstands August 4th.

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