Rosie Fortescue Shares Her Essential Party Style Rules

Rosie Fortescue Shares Her Essential Party Style Rules

'A really great clutch bag and loads of jewellery'...

As well as starring on the BAFTA winning channel 4 series of Made in Chelsea - the new season aired on Monday - Rosie Fortescue has also been paving the way in the fashion world. Since setting up her blog, 'At Fashion Forte', she has collaborated with several brands such as Lipsy, Covert, JustFab and most recently, multinational fashion and lifestyle e-commerce site Zalando. We couldn't think of anyone better to give us the lowdown on the perfect party outfit. 

1. Plan, plan, plan

"Having the perfect outfit is obviously essential" to getting in the mood for a party. "There's nothing worse than not having an outfit to wear...if you know what you're wearing that evening then it's really fun to get dressed up, do your hair and makeup and put your jewellery on"

2. Music

"I'll go onto Youtube and play something really chilled like James Day or maybe like the Kygo remix"

3. Getting ready

"Normally I'm in a rush so I'll be at home getting ready alone but sometimes I'll get ready with my twin sister or with friends, which is always fun"

4. Party tipple

"A glass of wine, a gin and tonic, or a vodka lemon soda"

5. Go-to party outfit

"If it's a dinner with friends or someone's birthday, I love wearing leather trousers, a silk blouse and a blazer, a leather jacket, or something with detail, loads of accessories, loads of jewellery and a really great clutch bag...

...but if it's a event then I'll normally wear a dress. On my blog, I styled this amazing dress from Whistles, it's a pastel blue, accessorised with a red Lulu Guinness clutch bag and some red heels. The dress is so comfortable and it fits me perfectly"

7. Favourite high street store for party wear

"I love River Island and Zara. River Island's a really great go-to and they have amazing heels. I love Topshop too actually, I go through phases with all three of them"

8. Favourite designer brand for party wear

"I recently just had the press day for my jewellery brand, 'Rosie Fortescue Jewellery' and I wore a two piece, a top and a skirt, from Self-Portrait at Selfridges. I'm obssessed with Self-Portrait! I'm not always a dress girl but that's definitely my kind of go-to brand for an investment piece"

9. Made in Chelsea co-star's styles

"I guess we kind of all dress differently. I'm really close to Binky, Louise and Steph. I think we've all got our own individual styles...Binky’s a lot more casual, Louise wears really cute two pieces and Steph wears great dresses"

10. Party outfit faux-pas

"A prissy dress, like a prom-style dress, that's probably not my style"

11. The elements of a great party

"Good people and a good atmosphere, I think no matter where you are, you can always have fun if you're with a few friends"

12. Favourite Made in Chelsea bash

"We've done quite a lot of fun parties, it's always fun when we're abroad. There's some really great parties coming up this series"

13. Made in Chelsea parties on screen versus real life

"They're really fun to film but it's not quite the same when you're filming it, as actually being at it. I do love filming with my friends, we can catch up and have fun together"

14. Party spoliers

"Bad vibes. An awkward bump in with someone, that can definitely ruin a party, or someone wearing the same outfit as you"


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