Robin James: Rising Men's Style Star

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He's the fashion and grooming vlogger with a seriously impressive quiff - trust us, girls, you'll be taking style tips from our rising menswear expert Robin too

Robin James

AWARD: Rising Men's Style Star

Robin is a relative newbie to the vlogging world. A few years ago, he looked around at the successful set of fashion and beauty YouTubers and thought, ‘What about the guys?’ He was clearly onto something: now his growing online population of male followers subscribe to his signature ‘elephant trunk’ quiff how-tos and edits of the latest Topman drops. ‘A lot of great things have happened to me since I started, but today has just been insane,’ he says, gesturing around Rankin’s cavernous north London studio. Naturally fun and effervescent company, Robin says his family – who hail from a tiny town in north-east Scotland – and friends have been his biggest cheerleaders. ‘Whenever I go to an event, I ask for a plus-two so I can take some pals along!’ he laughs. 

Portraits By Rankin

Portrait by Rankin



AGE: 28


ALL ROUNDER: Robin vlogs on everything, from lifestyle posts and vlogs to product reviews and how to wear shorts in summer. Rovin believes that men should care for their skin, body and mind, taking care of the inside as well as out. Expect fitness posts, must-see movies and food reviews, too. He joined YouTube in 2013, after experiencing huge success with his blog, The Utter Gutter.

THE QUIFF: Robin is known for his famous hairstyle, which he terms ‘The Elephant Trunk’. Still don’t know what it is yet? It’s a quiff, and it stands at least a couple of inches tall at all times. Robin is an expert at hair products that will keep your quiff in tact, and has replicated the styles of Zayn Malik, David Beckham and James Dean.  

FASHION QUIRK: Robin has a quirky style that is sure to get both guys and girls inspired, favouring polo shirts, popped collars and bright patterns in preppy shapes, all topped off with that infamous quiff. Having moved from Scotland to London, Robin’s style is constantly evolving and influenced by his surroundings, but his lookbooks will keep you updated.

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