Robert Pattinson says his latest film role has changed him

Robert Pattinson says his latest film role has changed him

Robert Pattinson has admitted he's been changed for the better by his Outback experience for new film, The Rover…

Robert Pattinson has traded life in Hollywood for adventures in the Australian Outback of late, while filming The Rover, and it seems that he hasn't phased by the lack of home comforts.

The Twilight heartthrob spent months residing in the tiny town of Marree in dusty conditions and has admitted that: "Being in the desert has a funny effect. It does change you in a way," adding the remote conditions were "good in some ways."

He revealed that being pushed out of his comfort zone worked to his advantage in the acting stakes: "It’s added lots to the performance – being covered in dirt, pouring sweat, with tons of flies around. You lose your inhibitions quite quickly.

Rob's new role is quite the departure from his usual fare, as he undergoes a gritty makeover with a shaved head and faux rotten teeth. He plays Reynolds in the flick opposite Guy Pearce who plays his comrade in a mission to track down a gang of thieves.


We can't wait to see him in action.

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