Robert Pattinson reveals his geeky side in new film release

Robert Pattinson reveals his geeky side in new film release
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RPatz leaves his Twilight smoulder behind as he stars opposite Katherine Tate as the school dork

Robert Pattinson reveals a side to his acting persona we've never seen before, starring as a hapless teenager with a hairstyle significantly less attractive than Edward Cullen's and a wardrobe to match in The Bad Mother's Handbook, soon to be released on DVD.


The film is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Kate Long and was actually made in 2007, pre Robert's Edward Cullen days.

Pattinson's nerdy, jumble sale jumper-wearing character in the film couldn't be further away from his  famous vampire role in Twilight. He forms an unlikely friendship with a girl in his class at school who is pregnant with someone else's child. The girl's mother is played by Brit funny girl, Catherine Tate.

No super powers and slick heart throb-worthy lines for RPatz in this movie – his character, Daniel Gale, needs all the help he can get just to get through the day without clumsily falling over.

Still, we know there's a handsome hunk lurking beneath the bad clothes and hideous hair… Check out the trailer to see for yourself!


By Pat McNulty




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