FKA Twigs looked incredible at the BRIT Awards 2015

After spotting the babe that is FKA Twigs on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards 2015 last night, we couldn't help but wonder if her A-list boyfriend — that's Robert Pattinson in case that news happened to escape you — would make an appearance. 

Of course, we kept our beady eyes peeled throughout the rest of the arrivals and during the show but alas, it looked as if Rob decided to watch the celebrations from the comfort of his own sofa. That was until we saw the Warner after party pics at least. 

WARNING: The photographs that follow are ridiculously adorable.

It's unclear whether the 28-year-old actor decided to skip the awards entirely to let his other half do her thing or if he was actually there by her side and just kept a very, very low profile. Regardless of the ceremony situ, the pair reunited at the BRITs Warner after party where Robert couldn't hide his excitement for his girl. 

While they're not exactly the best party posers, it's easy to see that the pair are head over heels for one another; the fact they spent most of their time gazing into each-others eyes coupled with *that smile* on Robert's face are all the proof we need — these two are smitten. 

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs at the BRIT Awards after party

It's obvious Rob didn't want his high-profile status to affect FKA Twigs on what was her night. Putting her interests first? Now that's the real dream boyf...

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We really don't see enough of these two out and about, do we? More of this please, guys.