Robbie Williams announces his comeback!

Robbie Williams announces his comeback!
Robbie Williams

Take that, music industry nay-sayers – one of our favourite popstars ever is heading back to the hit parade asking to let him entertain us.


Robbie Williams has put his UFO-hunting, beard-growing wilderness years behind him and has been in the recording studio working on his new album, his first for three years since 2006's Rudebox.

Reality Killed the Video Star (his eighth solo album since splitting with the now-reformed and even-better-second-time-around Take That) is due out on 9 November with single “Bodies” out on 12 October – we do wanna rock DJ, we do.

The star says, “my album's a killer… old Robbie, new Robbie and a Robbie that neither of us have met… I really hope it's as good as I think it is – we’ll see. I'm sure you'll let me know.”

And – oh, the excitement – word is that Robbie’s ol’ writing partner Guy Chambers (for better or worse, together they were responsible for mega-hit “Angels”) is involved. Seriously, squealing with excitement over at InStyle Towers. We. Cannot. Wait.

By Harriet Reuter Hapgood


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