Rising star Alicia Vikander talks BAFTAs, ballet and falling in love!

Rising star Alicia Vikander talks BAFTAs, ballet and falling in love!

Ahead of the BAFTAs we met EE Rising Star nominee Alicia Vikander to hear about her breakthrough role in Anna Karenina, how she's won her way into Karl Lagerfeld's heart and why acting is her greatest love…

With roles in A Royal Affair and Anna Karenina under her belt, Swedish beauty Alicia Vikander, has cemented her status as the next big thing in acting and proven herself one to watch on the red carpet, too.

A former ballerina, she gave up dancing in favour of starring in a Swedish soap, now she's scored herself a BAFTA nod and hasn't looked back since.


Find out what she had to say when we quizzed her on meeting Karl Lagerfeld, hitting the red carpet with Keira Knightley and why she can't get enough of Jennifer Lawrence's acting clout...

How does it feel to be nominated for BAFTAs Rising Star prize?

I was so happy when they called and gave me the news. It's great to be included alongside such a great list of actresses and actors.

And Anna Karenina has been nominated for 6 awards…

I'm so excited - I'm crossing my fingers and I'm so glad I'm going to able to be there. I've finally decided what I'm going to wear, but I'll make you wait and see!

Who gets your vote for an EE BAFTA win?

I would love to see Daniel Day Lewis and Jessica Chastain win, and as a fellow young actress, Jennifer Lawrence. She's made so many intelligent role choices and it's great to see her up there. I love the documentary Searching for Sugarman, and it's Swedish, you should definitely see that if you haven't.

You've become known for period roles in the last year, what attracts you to them?

I did two in a row and it was mostly the scripts that appealed to me. Those were the parts that I had to fight for the most and that I wanted the most, so I was thrilled to have two directors that fought for me and supported me. It's not so much about the costumes, though it does help you get into the role to have costume and a big grand set.

Did you spend a lot of time in hair and make-up for the roles?

Yes - I think it was two and a half hours for both films. I was up at half four in the morning to just get in the car and go to the studio. It was very long hours and I got very tired, because you can't breathe normally in the corsets.

And you worked in some pretty intense conditions for Anna Karenina...

We went to Russia, that was amazing - one of the biggest adventures of my life. We went all the way there on planes, trains, buses and hovercrafts, and it was so cold!

You worked with Keira Knightley on the film - did she give you any advice on fame?

Our stories are quite parallel in the film, so it was mostly during rehearsals that we got close. I love the way [director] Joe Wright gets everyone to become so tight, like a theatre group, so when I got closest to Keira was actually before we shot.

Have you enjoyed dressing up for the red carpet?

I love it! You have the opportunity to wear gowns and extravagant clothes you wouldn't normally wear, though of course it takes a lot of time to find the right dress.

And we've notice you have a penchant for Chanel...

It's a fashion house I've always looked up to, it has a history of such delicate craft. I went to my first show in November and was blown away by how exquisite the detail is. I was in almost another world for those few minutes.

And have you met Karl Lagerfeld?

Yes, he was great, I think I'm going to meet him again tomorrow. We had the chance to chat after that show and I went to Edinburgh and I was blown away when he faced all the journalists was able to speak so many languages and seemed so grounded and passionate about his work. You can't imagine him ever not being part of Chanel.

You started out as a ballet dancer, what influenced your decision to act?

I hadn't gone out and danced professionally yet, I went to the Royal Swedish Ballet School for nine years and when I was sixteen I got a part in a Swedish show and I realised that maybe my passion lay somewhere else. It was a hard decision to quit, as I trained every day for nine years, but I'm happy I went to that school. It taught me discipline and hard work and preparation.

What's your dream role?

I usually fall for the character from my next script, I get all pumped up and excited and I fight for a part - I love that.  It's almost like falling in love, each time you get that crazy energy.

You worked with Julianne Moore on Seventh Son, how was that?

I got to congratulate her on her on her Golden Globe - she was amazing in Game Change, and she's amazing in real life. She was a great inspiration. I mostly look up to female actresses and she was one of them.

Are you looking forward to fashion week?

Yes! Hopefully I'll get to go. I'd love to see Erdem's latest show.

Well, we hope to see you there, Alicia!

You can vote for Alicia to win the EE BAFTA Rising Star Award until 8 February at ee.co.uk/bafta

By Hayley Spencer



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