Rihanna's Gone And Got A Beyoncé Baby Fringe Cut In

Rihanna's Gone And Got A Beyoncé Baby Fringe Cut In

The most talked about 'do of 2014 is back with a vengeance. This time, it's Rihanna who's fallen for the unusual allure of the micro-fringe...

Ok, so we know that Rihanna changes her hair more often that we care to keep up but her latest 'do has got the whole fashion and beauty world talking. Mainly because we kind of hoped we wouldn't see its like again so soon... 

Alongside, you know, some of the biggest and most noteworthy events of 2014 was Beyoncé's teeny tiny baby fringe, which completely divided her fans and followers. It was while Bey, her hubby Jay Z and her adorabledaughter Blue Ivy were in London that we first clocked her unusual forehead warmer and we had pretty mixed feelings about it. 

After a difficult week or so, Bey banished her 'bangs' and went back to her long perfectly tousled locks, having learnt that with a baby fringe comes great turmoil. 

However, it seems like RiRi totally missed all the contro surrounding Beyoncé's hair as she has just gone and got a very little fringe of her own, which she debuted while partying like a sexy-clad astronaut/sanitation worker/Ghostbuster in Paris last night. 

The 26-year-old songstress was seen running around and on the shoulders of a man in the crowd wearing a silver, jewel-encrusted boiler suit, a glittering choker and blue hygiene gloves. Casual. 

However, it was her hair that really turned heads. After giving us some major hair inspo after going gorgeously grey and sleek for The Diamond Ball last week, we definitely did not see this bold style coming. 

We can't deny the fact that Ri IS rocking this bold cut like only she could but really? It seems the baby fringe isn't done with 2014 yet... 

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