Rihanna stars in Kanye's new video

Rihanna stars in Kanye's new video

The Barbados-born beauty vamps it up in the seriously sexy video for Kanye West's new single Paranoid.

Kanye lets his pal Rihanna take centre stage in his new video, which sees the starlet sporting a raunchy peek-a-boo corset and writhing around on a bed.

Although she doesn't actually sing on the track, Kanye still brought Riri in to play his leading lady - and this is just the start of what promises to be a highly lucrative partnership between the two. The pair have also collaborated on Rihanna's new single Silly Boy - a track about a girl who refuses to take her boyfriend back after he treats her badly. Hmmm... Sound familiar at all?

With the papers constantly probing into every detail surrounding her impending court appearance following that alleged assault back in February, it's great to see Riri concentrating on that stellar career of hers - and lets face it, she's sure out to show Chris Brown what he's missing...

By Sarah Karmali


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