REVEALED: Kristin Davis’ fitness secrets

REVEALED: Kristin Davis’ fitness secrets

Kristin Davis reveals her bikini body secrets and how she stays in shape on the set of Sex and the City

She may be in her mid-forties but the Sex and the City actress could certainly give some of her less seasoned counterparts a run for their money in the fitness stakes.


The SATC2 ladies have certainly been packing a busy schedule of late, but like her on-screen alter-ego, it seems Kristin is never one to miss a work out, and still finds time while on the road to fit in an impressive fitness regime, turning to Hollywood favourites yoga and Pilates to keep herself trim.


Watching what she eats has also paid off for Kristin over the years, and she recommends eating lots of protein-rich foods like salmon and chicken, as well as enjoying side salads with meals. Though she does confess to indulging once in a while with some M&Ms, as she says ‘food is meant to be enjoyed’.

Despite recently showing off her enviable abs in a skimpy bikini on the cover of US magazine, Fitness, Kristin revealed her greatest secret to be confidence: ‘When you're at peace with yourself and your body, you're automatically more confident.’

While we’re sure we’d be a lot more confident if we had Kristin’s body, we’ll give it a go!

By Hayley Spencer

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