The Best Reality TV Shows To Binge On

The Best Reality TV Shows To Binge On

Reality TV shows are a guilty pleasure no longer...

We've all watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, don't deny it! Whether you love or hate them, you can't escape them, and now Rob Kardashian is making his return to reality TV with Rob & Chyna, which follows his slightly crazy relationship with Blac Chyna and their impending child. Spoiler alert: he wants a boy, but the reason might make you laugh... Watch the clip below. 

If you can't wait until Rob & Chyna starts, don’t worry - there’s a reality TV show for everyone these days, ready and waiting for you to binge on. These are Team InStyle’s favourites:

Storage Wars (the US version only – I can’t stand the UK cast) is only 20 minutes per episode, so I could easily polish off a series in a day. At Christmas, I am obsessed with Santas In The Barn, a reality game show for Father Christmas impersonators. Sorority Girls, too, where contestants were eliminated for holding two drinks at once - #guilty. - Isabella Silvers, Digital Assistant

First and foremost, Say Yes To The Dress. Watching crazy young Texan women try on ginormous wedding dresses their dads are paying for is far too entertaining. Also a UK version is being made #THEDREAM. Secondly, Long Island Medium. Theresa is my big hair inspo and her asking random people in the street if the number 7 means anything to them is hilarious – George Driver, Beauty Writer

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Dog The Bounty Hunter. Why? Beth’s bounty-hunting garms were always ridiculously outrageous (and 100% impractical… those breasts), and I kind of had a weird crush on Dog’s son Leland. I know. Don’t judge me. Plus, doesn’t Ozzy sing the title sequence?! – Amie-Jo Locke, Digital Writer

I don’t think it’s on anymore – with good reason – but I used to watch The Swan. Where two contestants spent three months away from their families (and mirrors) to have a complete make-over (nose jobs, exercise plans, teeth etc) and then at the end of the episode, one of them was still deemed not beautiful enough to go through to the beauty pageant final! Absolutely awful, morally wrong, demoralising… and strangely addictive. I am a horrible person… - Hannah Rochell, Fashion Features Editor

Anything that was on E4 during summer holidays… Beauty And The Geek was absolutely amazing, and there’s no chance Playing It Straight would get commissioned now – Jamie Spence, Deputy Picture Editor

I learnt every life lesson about budgeting from The Simple Life… maybe that’s why I have an epic credit card bill! – Josh Newis-Smith, Shopping Editor

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Brit Cops: UK policemen frantically racing down the M1 and totally keeping it real in-between cases by stopping off at McDonald’s drive through. So much better than any of the US glam versions. Oh and back in the day The City - Whitney Port versus Olivia Palermo, it really doesn’t get much better  – Chloe Mac Donnell, Fashion And Features Writer

I used to watch Airline with my nan a lot when I was younger - she loved it. There was always serious drama. It's not a guilty pleasure of mine but I guess in a way it has guided me in life, because it taught me to never work at an airport... too stressful! – Georgia Allen, Junior Designer

Newlyweds: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey navigating their first few years of marriage with hilarious consequences. Oh, and divorce - not so hilarious. Jess not knowing whether tuna was fish or chicken was a particular highlight and gives you an idea of the quality of this show – Suzannah Ramsdale, Digital Editor

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Bridalplasty. Brides-to-be compete for the chance to win their dream wedding AND their plastic surgery wish list. The head bride each week gets to choose a piece of surgery and the other brides have to vote the two bottom brides out of the house. It's amazing – Nick Spensley, Executive Fashion Director

If you’re wondering where to watch all these TV gems, you can catch up on All4 (for anything on Channel 4 or E4), Netflix (for the more serious stuff) or Hayu, which is basically the Netflix for reality TV. Well worth the subscription.

Watch Rob & Chyna Monday 12th September @ 9pm & available on hayu

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