Rachel Zoe talks exclusively to InStyle!

Rachel Zoe talks exclusively to InStyle!

Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe reveals all on her fashion influences, celebrity inspiration, and her collaboration with Tiffany & Co.

She’s styled some of Hollywood’s finest leading ladies, from Anne Hathaway to Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes to Cameron Diaz, and now Rachel Zoe has teamed up with Tiffany & Co. to design the luxe jewellers store windows.


In honour of the 2012 Academy Awards, the specially designed windows pay tribute to five decades of Hollywood glamour, and we caught up with Rachel to talk style, fashion history and celebrity inspiration.

You received your degree in Sociology and Psychology; how does training come in handy today?

Fashion follows social trends. So studying those disciplines definitely helps me both personally and professionally. Social trends provide a context from which I draw a great deal of my inspiration. Knowing the fundamentals of psychology helps me understand how people express themselves through fashion. And it certainly has served me well in dealing with various personalities, challenging ones and not so challenging ones.

For these Oscar themed windows, why did you choose the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s and 70’s as the background? Do you think Tiffany & Co’s jewellery and classic Hollywood share a special connection?

I consider those some of the most glamorous and elegant decades in fashion history. They are nicely documented through the films Hollywood produced back then. Of course, the exquisite jewels of Tiffany were wonderful extensions of that glamour. When you think Tiffany, you think glamour and elegance.

What decade is your favorite for fashion and jewellery?

Each of them had their own distinctive contributions, so it’s really difficult to single out just one decade as being my favorite. But if I really had to choose one it would be the 70’s. It’s a decade where there was such a departure from the extreme formality of previous decades. There was an explosion of pop culture which is so vibrantly reflected in the art and fashion of that time.

What was it like collaborating on the Tiffany windows?

It was amazing and such a privilege to work with an iconic brand like Tiffany – a luxury brand that totally understands what glamour and elegance is.

What did you try to capture in the window with Elizabeth Taylor’s Tiffany Brooch?

I wanted to convey a sense of vintage Hollywood at home, including some of the opulence and creative fantasy that was reflected in the architecture and interior design of those grand homes.

What were your inspirations for the 50’s Window?

Red Carpet decadence of the 1950's is such an inspiration - with the likes of Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Audrey Hepburn - this was the era that Movie Stars were born.

Did any celebrities inspire your 70’s Window?

To me, the 70s represent effortless glamour and the era of my favorite style icons like Bianca Jagger, Lauren Hutton and Faye Dunaway.

What are your historic influences for the 40’s window?

The 1940s saw a return to high fashion. Designers expressed themselves through luxurious fabrics and dramatic new silhouettes The 40's were about romance - getting lost in films with Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant or Humphrey Bogart.

What inspired your 1930’s window for Tiffany & Co.?

For me the 30's represent a time of opulence and glamour - silks and wool crepe, Madeleine Vionnet and Coco Chanel.

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