Rachel Weisz goes nude

Rachel Weisz goes nude

The actress says she didn't want to use a body double for the nude scenes in her latest film.

Now we know we get body hang-ups at the best of times, but we can't imagine the insecurities that must be bred from having to flaunt your flesh to the entire world.

Which is why we have a new-found love for Rachel Weisz. The actress stepped out on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend, and announced that she was so comfortable in her own skin, that she'd declined the use of a body double in her latest flick. 

Looking decidedly glamorous in green Valentino, Rachel was on the Croisette for the premiere of said film Agora - in which she stars as the real-life 4th century Greek philosopher and astronomer Hypatia.

The historical picture has the 38-year-old actress featuring in a couple of nude scenes - one in particular which sees her emerging from a bath before having her modesty protected by a towel-toting slave (played by Max Minghella).

"It was all me. I never even thought of using a double," Rachel told the Daily Mail on the red carpet. "Although I was thinking about baby fat - but I think most of that had gone by the time I went before the cameras."

The star has a two-year-old son, Henry, with her fiancé, American film-maker Darren Aronofsky. So what was her secret to shedding those post-baby pounds?

"I did some yoga, that helped'" she said. "And I just avoided junk food."

Admiring her fabulous figure in that Valentino gown though, we've got to admit - if we looked like Rachel Weisz we probably wouldn't want to use a body double either!


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