Jennifer Aniston eventually landed the role of Rachel Green in Friends

Rachel could have been so different...

Friends nostalgia is at an all time high lately, thanks to the UK Friends festival, Jennifer Aniston getting married (no, people, that wasn’t her real dress) and all the relationship rumours of couples that never were on the show (Phoebe and Joey?!). But now, we’ve been hit with the bombshell that Rachel Green could have been a lot, lot different.

Stepping out at the Emmy awards last night, actress Jane Krakowski revealed live on the red carpet that she auditioned for the part of Rachel Green. Say what?! Now we know that other people had to have auditioned for the role, but we seriously can’t imagine anyone other than Jen An as Rachel Green. So who was actually in the running to play Rachel? The names might surprise you…

Jane Krakowski
Speaking to E! News, Jane revealed that she “like almost every actor in the world, I auditioned for Friends”. Obviously the role went to Jennifer Aniston, but Krakowski still wishes she had gotten the part. "I actually auditioned for Rachel and didn't go very far." She revealed, adding her business manager was “very sad” about it. We don’t blame them...

Courtney Cox
Real life BFF Courtney Cox, known to Friends obsessives as Monica, of course, was originally set to play Rachel, which seems totally wrong now – getting together with your brother?! Ew. Instead, she ditched the role to play Monica, who she thought was a stronger woman.

Tea Leoni
This American actress was actually first choice to be cast as Rachel, but turned it down to do a show called The Naked Truth. Definitely made the right decision there, considering The Naked Truth was cancelled after three series. Whoops. 

Elizabeth Berkley
Yes, that’s right, Jessica Spano auditioned for Rachel, but didn’t get very far. Even if she had got the part, we’re not so sure she would have gotten off that plane, changing the course of pop culture forever.